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Crosstown Station Naming

Metrolinx have proposed some changes to station names on the Crosstown LRT and want public feedback. Go to their site to participate. I get on a Bathurst car and go along Bathurst until I come to Bathurst Station. Then I … Continue reading

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Ferry? – Where is the entrance?

These are comments I submitted to Waterfront Toronto in response to the public viewing of concepts for the Ferry Terminal and Park renovation. Refer to Waterfront Toronto to see the displays None of the 5 submissions pay attention to the … Continue reading

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Bi-mode multiple units

Metrolinx recently issued an RFI for future locomotives/rolling stock, and while including bi-mode (electric and diesel) locomotives, and electric MU’s (multiple units), it appeared to omit bi-mode MU’s. Until now there has been little on offer anywhere in the world … Continue reading

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Congestion Makes Pedestrians Safer

Pedestrians do not hit cars, its ALWAYS the other way around. A collision between a car and a pedestrian inevitably results in pedestrian injuries, often serious, or death, irrespective of fault. At the extreme, a driver, especially a truck driver, may not … Continue reading

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PATH Elevated Pedestrian Walkway

Yesterday witnessed the installation of the second of two shiny glass pedestrian bridge spans to extend PATH from Union Station to Queens Quay. The first span, from the SW corner of ACC over Lakeshore, but under the Gardiner, to the … Continue reading

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Subway Shuttle Bus Failure Speaks Volumes

Incredulous today to find hundreds of people waiting at the corner of Yonge and Bloor for non existent shuttle busses supposed to provide a replacement bus service between Bloor and Lawrence for the closed for maintenance subway. A parade, would … Continue reading

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Dont Trash Transit – We need it.

This week King Street will be closed between Spadina and University for four days including two working days. Reason? Film festival! The many restaurants in this strip are to take over the road and expand their seating on to the … Continue reading

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Congestion Charge as a Traffic Management Tool not a Revenue Tool.

London has a well known Congestion Charge, which effectively limits traffic volume in the core of the city, to a level where the traffic that is there can get around with some ease. It has been in effect for some … Continue reading

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A new blog

Does the world really need another blog? Maybe, if I can add a dimension not well covered by others. That extra dimension will be my technical viewpoint and wide range of technical interests. That’s certainly a dimension missed by most … Continue reading

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