Congestion Makes Pedestrians Safer

Pedestrians do not hit cars, its ALWAYS the other way around. A collision between a car and a pedestrian inevitably results in pedestrian injuries, often serious, or death, irrespective of fault. At the extreme, a driver, especially a truck driver, may not be aware a collision has occurred, while the victim is dead.


We know also that the seriousness of the pedestrian injury increases as does the speed of the vehicle, such that the slower the speed, the lighter the injury. That is behind the 30 kph  maximum speed in residential areas campaign. We know too that the front body shape of most cars serves to deflect a pedestrian at that speed or less, and minimize injuries.


If we go one step further and consider that if the vehicles were stationary, then collisions would not occur and neither would injuries. Obviously, you say, but keep in mind that the stationary condition exists to an ever larger extent in what we call congestion, or gridlock. Yes, congestion, which drivers hate, serves a positive purpose in making pedestrians safer.


So perhaps then, as pedestrians, we should embrace congestion, and recognize its contribution to safer streets and our well-being.

Sketch Congestion Man 20141108_102251

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  1. Black Michael says:

    I’m guessing that you didn’t vote for John Tory!


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